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Align Your Financial Self
With the Rest of Yourself

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Not All Assets Are Financial

In prior posts, we discussed the importance of thinking about your life and your business as being integrated and not separate and distinct. A life lived "After Money" is one where you have aligned your financial self with the rest of yourself. In that alignment, there's no need to separate financial matters from other aspects of your life. In fact, not only is it no longer necessary, it is more or less impossible.In the Gig Economy, non-financial assets are just as, if not more, valuable than financial assets. Your reputation, your demonstrated skills, portfolio or other body of work are a …

What If You Live Too Long?

The philosophy of #AfterMoney has many aspects and multiple definitions as I've written about in a prior post. The practical application of the philosophy is to help find ways to align your financial self with the rest of yourself. That's the tagline I generally attach to the term "After Money". The approach to living a life #AfterMoney that I'll be discussing in future posts is one where you treat your livelihood, your life and how you live it as an enterprise. I use the term "enterprise" as a construct that represents a perpetual entity, like a corporation for example, which can live …

A Quaint Notion

We see it around us. We hear it. We feel it. We live it. Monumental changes in our economy and in society as a whole. An uncomfortable evolution, and in many cases, revolution of the institutions built up over the last century to support the industrial economy. Specifically, I'm talking about the corporate construct of employment. A century ago, the corporation as we know it today was still new, and so was the notion that our fates were bound up with those of our employer. Even more recent is the idea of retirement as the chapter of our lives which follows our working lives. The notion of …

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Align Your Financial Self with the Rest of Yourself

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